Why Choose Us?

Simple and Secure

It’s an idea whose time has come.  The use of hosted or SaaS applications is exploding – and for good reason.   On-demand apps represent a value-proposition that is irresistible to organizations on the move!   Break out of the enterprise routine where apps are slow to launch, costly and where complexity rules the day.

Conformity Connect – the anti-SSO SSO

Why is Conformity Connect the anti-Single-Sign-On access provider?  Conformity offers a unique, new approach to access and security regardless of your chosen architecture.  Our on-demand personal vault lets you offer a fast, simple and right-sized approach to safeguarding your users’ identities while resolving, for once and for all, how your organization deals with access issues.

Conformity Connect redefines the relationship between the user community and IT, establishing new levels of trust and cooperation by removing complexity and making access a breeze.





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IT Managers are looking to new computing architectures for the many benefits they offer:

  • On-demand provisioning
  • Trusted, credentialed universal access
  • Customizable user experience
  • Self-service identity management
  • Transparent monitoring and controls

Empowering Users to empower themselves

Conformity knows that your users appreciate IT systems that are friendly and easy to access, within the bounds of your compliance requirements.  That’s why Conformity offers powerful application provisioning services.  Now you can “stand up” users in minutes, rather than days, with the security and protections you require.  Conformity seamlessly provides end users with the tools they need to securely login and manage access – without artificial constraints.

Conformity’s portfolio of application and user services offers security, compliance, provisioning and user management that are optimized for today’s security-conscious environments.

Conformity CloudConformity Connect

Within our portfolio of cloud services, we also offer an extra measure of compliance management in the areas of:

  • Auditing, monitoring and controls for IT
  • Privileged user access and access rights
  • Change tracking, monitoring and controls
  • Provisioning and de-provisioning
  • SLA monitoring, reporting and controls
  • Seat and license tracking
  • Policy-based workflows