Breaking the Barriers, one Cloud at a time…

Enablement.  Empowerment.  A passion for Change.  The need to beat back complexity.  There are many threads of thought on the different ways our IT Professionals approach our transitioning architectures. One thing is certain, though, the quest never changes; the quest for simplicity, rapid deployment and a “killer” user experience.  At Conformity, we believe that you don’t have to give up security to get ease of use and low overhead administration.

Secure, Easy Access for Business

ConformityConnect delivers a single portal where you can easily access all of your web-enabled applications whether cloud, SaaS or on-premise.  Offered as a SaaS service, ConformityConnect provides a trusted user experience, leveraging both security and organizational visibility.   ConformityConnect is part of Conformity’s Identity Management SaaS applications for IT, which include offerings for just-in-time provisioning, Single-Sign-On and collaborative administration.

Who do you trust?

Where security is concerned, a “trust no one but yourself” approach seems to offer the only security that is durable, proven and reliable.   ConformityConnect’s approach can accommodate a wide range of authentication and authorization models leveraging existing infrastructure choices and providing a single aggregation point for Active Directory, SAML, and/or Password driven user access policy.

Fast Deployment

Traditional SSO solutions require third-party authorization and associated administrative overhead. Business deployments can take months and often user adoption lags even further behind. The last thing IT is looking for is yet another IT project to add to their list. ConformityConnect breaks that pattern by providing a simple and intuitive login manager capability that can be deplyed to a mid-size organization in 30-minutes or less. The process is a simple as: register over the web, pick your business applications, invite your users, and go. We seen people go through the whole process in 15-minutes!

Summary of ConformityConnect

Simply to use and administer

  • One click access to all SaaS apps and any web enabled on-premise apps
  • Easy to use for both administrators and end users
  • Utilizes latest browser, portal and security models
  • Manage multiple sets of logins to same app (useful for demo or admin accounts)
  • Admin can easily add new business or consumer apps
  • Learns passwords for one-click login, easy to reset for PW updates

Cost effective with quick ROI

  • Inexpensive adoption and low cost of ownership
  • No on-premise software to buy or manage
  • No charge per application, low entry cost
  • Customer self-service model, extremely fast to “stand up”
  • Part of comprehensive Conformity product family