Recover Your Lost Or Deleted Files With Conformity

Who we are

We are a company that specializes in recovering of lost or deleted data from cloud storages. Also, we are providing additional security to your account. We are using specially designed programs that are capable of restoring your lost data. Over the years, we have successfully recovered more than 1000 TB of data from different cloud storages. That amount of success rate gave us high reputation and it is safe to say that we are now one of the best companies that provide recovery of lost data from cloud storages.


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Our Team

Our team consists of only highly educated professionals that are more than capable of recovering any lost data.

John Martinez is our team manager, he is responsible for each of our employee. Depending on how complicated job is he will sort it out among the employees.

George Harris our best employee if we can say so, he never failed to recover any data from Cloud hard drives.