How to Recover Deleted or Lost Files from the Cloud

Even with the best hard drives available from manufacturers such as Seagate and Western Digital, data storage integrity can be impacted by a mechanical failure with the hard drive. Every business deals with hard disk drive (HDD) failure from time to time, which can result in professional data recovery services to be engaged for recovery of lost data. Consulting such Brisbane data recovery laboratories can result in much expense to the business. Hence, why cloud data storage has become much more attractive as a method of data loss management. Many cloud services are very similar and they work on the same principle. Absolute security over your data and insulation from data loss. Providers always say that your uploaded data is safe and secured, but sometimes accidents can happen like when you delete the wrong files. Luckily even then the files are not deleted completely from the cloud servers. Nowadays there is a lot more options for the user than there were a few years ago. There is an option of offloading your data from the cloud to your folders that way you remove them from cloud servers but they are not deleted. There are a lot of different cloud storage providers these days but the most popular ones are the Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and more.

How to Recover Deleted or Lost Files from the Cloud


How to Recover Deleted or Lost Files from the CloudThis Cloud storage keeps deleted files hidden from the user. They get moved to other location on the server, but if you want to recover them you need to do it from the folder they were deleted from. When you are in the right folder you need to click on the trash can and select the show deleted files from the menu. Then all the deleted files will be appearing and you will have the option of restoring them or to permanently delete those files. It is important to know that Dropbox will keep your deleted data for only 30 days then they will be automatically permanently deleted from the cloud. Users of Dropbox have the option of purchasing the extended version history that will hold deleted data up to a year.

Google Drive

This cloud storage service uses a different method for recovering deleted files. Google drive has a Trash icon or folder built in that will store every file that you delete from the cloud servers. It is very simple to restore those files, just go to that trash folder and you will find the deleted files you were looking for. There you will be given an option to restore the data or delete it forever. You need to be careful when choosing to delete files forever because you won’t have a second chance to recover those files.