IT Operations

Automate User Lifecycle Management with Conformity

SaaS and cloud applications pose a brand new set of challenges for IT. Without the ability to synchronize user information between corporate directories and SaaS applications like and Google Apps IT teams are asking:

  • Why are we managing redundant user information in each SaaS app?
  • Are manual, spreadsheet based approaches to managing users sustainable?
  • How will we be able to support additional SaaS usage with limited IT resources?

Business users and IT organizations alike are realizing a new approach to managing SaaS users is needed.

The Approaching SaaS Management ‘Tsunami’

Unfortunately as SaaS adoption accelerates, so do the associated management costs. Just as initial SaaS deployments were often ‘hidden’ from IT, so are the associated management and support costs which are growing exponentially with each new SaaS deployment. The result? An unsustainable ’scaling of pain’ for IT operations. It is imperative for organizations to get ahead of the curve today on management of cloud technologies before the complexity and costs spiral out of control.

Conformity – Making SaaS and the Cloud ‘Business Ready’

Conformity’s SaaS management solution provides centralized visibility and control of SaaS applications and users. Conformity streamlines and automates the user management lifecycle, and provides IT teams critical capabilities needed in the areas of:

  • User provisioning – provides centralized point of provisioning and deprovisioning of users accounts within cloud applications.
  • Role and profile management – enables organizations to centrally manage SaaS application roles, profiles and permissions.
  • Change management – provides archiving, management and recovery of SaaS application configurations and role models.
  • Directory integration – enables organizations to extend Microsoft Active Directory (AD) to manage and control SaaS user access.

Conformity streamlines and automates redundant, manual activities associated with SaaS user adminsitration, enabling IT organizations to focus scarce resources on higher value activities.