Cios And Cfos

Accelerate the Migration to the Cloud with Conformity

SaaS applications are driving a technology revolution, enabling organizations and business processes to become more agile, flexible and responsive. Unfortunately cloud applications are also fundamentally disrupting management and governance processes. As applications migrate to the cloud, CIOs and CFOs are left asking:

  • How do SaaS apps fit into our governance, risk and compliance (GRC) programs?
  • How do we extend financial controls to subscription-based models?
  • How do we extend our IT operations to support cloud applications and users?

The challenges are not just theoretical. Frontline managers and administrators are already feeling the pain today created by rapid SaaS adoption.

The Approaching SaaS Management ‘Tsunami’

Unfortunately as SaaS adoption accelerates, so do the associated management costs. Just as initial SaaS deployments were often ‘hidden’ from IT and finance executives, so are the associated management and support costs which grow exponentially with each new SaaS deployment. The result? An unsustainable ’scaling of pain’ for IT operations, finance and audit. It is imperative for organizations to ‘get ahead of the curve’ today on management of cloud technologies before the complexity and costs spiral out of control.

Conformity – Making SaaS and Cloud Applications ‘Business Ready’

Conformity’s SaaS management solution provides CIOs, CFOs and their teams a centralized point of management and control for SaaS applications and users, enabling organizations to:

  • Reduce security and compliance risks
  • Optimize SaaS seat allocation and spend
  • Streamline and automate user management processes

The breakthrough Conformity solution has been architected from the ground up to address the unique management challenges of SaaS and cloud applications, while enabling organizations to extend their existing investment in on-premise directories and management solutions. And like the SaaS apps it supports, the Conformity solution is designed for ease-of-use, flexibility, and rapid deployment and ROI.